How to Stay Healthy In Zagreb

Staying healthy in Zagreb is not as hard as you might think if you are on holiday. If you love to eat fresh produce straight from the fields, then look no further. The local market, Dolac, is an outdoor market located in the down town area. There you will find lots of different produce from the surrounding countryside, making this a must-do on your activity list. Fresh seafood, locally reared meat and plenty of fresh vegetables are some of the things you are likely to find in this wonderful market. Bring your camera, as it also offers a lovely display of everyday life in the city.

shutterstock_85001884Biking is fun

Biking is another fun and healthy activity you can do in Zagreb. You can bike around the town and take in the fascinating architecture, stop for a coffee at one of Zagreb’s fine cafés or visit the Botanical Gardens. If you fancy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then hit the road for the Medvednica mountains. The mountain is just a short trip away from the city, short enough for you to reach with your bike. Are you new to biking? Read more on so you can be well prepared for your healthy biking holiday.

Healthy day out

Zagreb is truly a wonderful place if you want to have a healthy holiday with lots of activities. Don’t miss the fresh produce market and biking in the mountains. There are quite a few different touring companies that arrange biking for groups, be sure to check them out on your arrival in Zagreb. To fill up even more on oxygen, go for a visit to the green and lush botanical gardens. Why don’t you bring a picnic from the fresh produce market? That’s a great way to enjoy a fun and healthy day out in this vibrant modern European city.