Getting Around Zagreb

Zagreb has a great public transportation system which allows visitors to get between the three main city districts. Services are generally reliable and frequent.

By Tram

The city’s tram system is very efficient, with newer and more modern trams having replaced the older ones. A must see for every visitor to Zagreb is the historic funicular tramway that leads to the top of the Upper Town district. Tram tickets are sold at newsstands. You have to insert the ticket into the validating machine as you board the tram.

By Busvolanbusz-kpk285-mt

The bus system is not as advanced as the tram network, and will take you to areas farther away. The ticketing system for buses is the same as for trams; purchase a ticket from a newsagent or kiosk, then insert it into the machines in the bus.

By Taxi

There are plenty of taxis available in Zagreb, and they can be found while walking down the streets, or at designated taxi stands throughout the city. There is usually no need for advance reservations although if you are on a tight schedule, arranging a pick up is advised. With the low cost of the trams and buses, taxi fares can seem comparatively expensive, but they are not as high as in some western European capitals.

Tourist Services

Zagreb sells what it calls ‘Zagreb Cards’, which entitles the purchaser to many benefits such as unlimited travel on public transportation, discounts at museums, restaurants, stores and many other venues. The card offers great value and is valid for 72 hours. You can purchase this card at hotels and tourism information offices, and you get a booklet that lists all the discounts, concessions and participating establishments.

From the Airport

There are many bus services operating between the airport and destinations in and around the city, while many hotels provide free shuttle transportation if notified in advance. A more expensive but convenient option is to take one of the many taxis that queue up for each arrival.