Get Your Kicks in Split

The gorgeous seaport 9bg6z9of Split is located on Croatia’s scenic Dalmatia coast. Featuring a lengthy, winding ocean front and fine Romanesque architecture, the city has plenty of good sights to keep you busy.

The charming old town is home to the ruins of the city’s famous palace. Also located here is the Mestrovic Gallery with sculptures by Ivan Mestrovic. A must-see is the Archaeological Museum, home to Greek, Roman and medieval artifacts. The most interesting museum in Split is the Maritime Museum, which is housed in a 17th century fortress. Inside you will find a large collection of maps, photos, artifacts and scale models.

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the most impressive Roman ruins in the whole world. More a fortress than a palace, its walls were originally 215 meters by 180 meters, and housed the imperial residence, temples and a mausoleum. You must take a tour of the corridor of the original palace, the square, the Temple of Jupiter and the remains of the mausoleum – now a cathedral.

The gorgeous Dalmatia region consists of a wide hinterland through which flows the river Cetina. The area is rich and well doused with hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, groves and sea straits. The islands of Brac, Solta, Hvar and Vis are well worth seeing. There are also some charming towns and villages including Omis, Makarska and Hvar.

Just 150 kilometers away lays Dubrovnik, a city well worth making the trip for. The Stradun, Dubrovnik’s charming pedestrian promenade, runs from the city bus stop outside Pile Gate to the clock tower at the other end of the town. Inside Pile Gate, the Franciscan Monastery houses a pharmacy which has been operating since 1391. Dubrovnik’s city walls were built between the 13th and 16th centuries and are still intact today.

On the eastern side of Split’s old town are the local food market and many restaurants. The Sarajevo restaurant is a good place to try some traditional Croatian meat and fish dishes. Additionally, there are some lively cafes on the waterfront; the Riva Cafe is a favorite with tourists and locals alike.