Dining and Entertainment


Much of Zagreb’s nightlife in concentrated in the Lower Town district. Here, visitors will find hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and discos catering to a wide variety of tastes and tourists. Many bars and clubs feature live music with jazz and blues being quite popular here. Most of the discotheques have trendy DJs that mix great techno tracks.

Theater and Music

A legacy of being the cultural capital of the region for centuries is Zagreb’s great variety of quality performing arts productions and classical music concerts. The city boasts of more than 20 permanent theaters and venues, with the best considered to be the Croatian National Theatre, a magnificent 19th century opera house. The venue hosts a variety of performances including operas, dramas, comedies, musicals and concerts most weeks of the year. Music is also very prevalent in Zagreb, with plenty of annual events being organized that celebrate different genres.

Zagreb has a myriad of eating establishments serving both local and international cuisines. Fast food has also taken off in the Croatian capital, so western visitors will feel right at home. Of course, sampling the delicious local Croatian cuisine is mandatory and an exhilarating experience for your taste buds.

Local Cuisine

Croatian dishes are heavily centered on the use of fresh seafood, and many of the country’s dishes have been influenced by its neighboring countries. There are plenty of pasta dishes as well as pastries and cheese-based meals. Signature Zagreb cuisine includes mlinci, a kind of pasta served with duck, turkey or other fowl; srtukli, a kind of cottage cheese strudel pastry; kremsnite, a kind of custard pastry; and orahnjaca, a kind of roll with nuts.

Where to Eat

The Lower Town district is the place to head to for great wining and dining opportunities. The restaurants and cafes here are among the best in Zagreb and the prices are not as steep as in some other establishments in the Upper Town or Kaptol districts. The local cuisine is also more authentic and the atmosphere more traditional than in many of the more upmarket hotels and restaurants.