How to Stay Healthy In Zagreb

Staying healthy in Zagreb is not as hard as you might think if you are on holiday. If you love to eat fresh produce straight from the fields, then look no further. The local market, Dolac, is an outdoor market located in the down town area. There you will

Get Your Kicks in Split

The gorgeous seaport of Split is located on Croatia’s scenic Dalmatia coast. Featuring a lengthy, winding ocean front and fine Romanesque architecture, the city has plenty of good sights to keep you busy. The charming old town is home to the ruins of the city’s famous palace. Also located

Getting Around Zagreb

Zagreb has a great public transportation system which allows visitors to get between the three main city districts. Services are generally reliable and frequent. By Tram The city’s tram system is very efficient, with newer and more modern trams having replaced the older ones. A must see for every

Spending Time in Zadar

Located on the lovely Dalmatia coast, Zadar is a 3,000-year-old town surrounded by beaches, islands and national parks. With a history dating back to the 9th century BC, it has a rich historical legacy, and today is a popular holiday spot for Croatians and international tourists alike. Most tourists

A Brief History of Zagreb

Zagreb’s history is very much a tale of two towns, whose rivalry was sometimes very intense but whose fortunes were linked. The Kaptol was the town where the church’s influence was paramount, while Gradec was situated defensively on a hill and was loyal to the king. The legacy of

Attractions not to Miss

Modern Zagreb is divided into three main districts with most of the best tourist attractions falling in the Upper Town (Gornji Grad) and Kaptol area, the sections of the city that were once contained within fortified walls. Archbishop’s Palace This Baroque masterpiece was constructed in the early 18th century,

Dining and Entertainment

Nightlife Much of Zagreb’s nightlife in concentrated in the Lower Town district. Here, visitors will find hundreds of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and discos catering to a wide variety of tastes and tourists. Many bars and clubs feature live music with jazz and blues being quite popular here. Most

Activities to Enjoy

Zagreb has plenty of recreational activities to participate into including usual sports like golf, tennis and swimming as well as more strenuous pursuits like skiing, sailing or water-skiing. Sitting at an outdoor café at one of the old city squares is perfect for relaxing while indulging in a spot

An Overview of Zagreb

Zagreb comes as a surprise to many first-time visitors, who expect to find a grey, boring ex-communist city. Instead, they find a lively, trendy city that is embracing modernization and quickly reasserting itself as one of the cultural capitals of Europe. The city boasts of a number of historic